Keep B.C. beautiful, wild, and free.

Join the movement to keep wildlife a priority in B.C. policy and decision-making.

We all love B.C.'s wild side.
But are we missing
the warning signs?

British Columbia is known around the world for our unmatched wilderness and wildlife. This “Super, Natural B.C.” is an important part of who we are as British Columbians.

Yet, as our population and cities grow, and economic needs increase, our forests and wildlife face new risks.

Outdated management practices are leading to a loss of diversity in our forests. Guides and outfitters who work in the back country are seeing depleted wildlife populations, loss of habitats and safe crossings, and a disrupted ratio of predators to prey.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Who Cares BC, we believe in the power of informed
British Columbians to help shape the future of wildlife abundance.

Who Cares BC aims to inform and educate British Columbians about wildlife conservation and management, because what is happening in the forests isn’t always evident from the cities and highly-populated areas.

Together we can advocate for modern, sustainable management practices that keep wildlife thriving for generations to come.

"We’re facing some pretty challenging management questions right now. Things are very complicated – not based on science – mostly on emotion."

Krista Sittler, Wildlife Biologist
Northern B.C.
"The only way we can move forward is to get everybody at the table together...and get back to making science-based decisions for everything."

Curtis Smith, Angling Guide
Coastal Wilderness Adventures Campbell River
"A lack of wildlife, a lack of fish – those things have transpired in my lifetime. We gotta work together to preserve wildlife into the future. Collectively, if we don’t do it, we’re all gonna suffer the consequences."

John Henderson
Past Chief of the Wei Wai Kum First Nations

It's time for a balanced discussion about Land Use in B.C.

Better management is the bridge between the challenges we face and the B.C. we love. 






Thriving Jobs
& Economy

British Columbians deserve a thriving province. Working together, we can achieve it.

Who's behind Who Cares BC?

B.C.’s Guide Outfitters are behind Who Cares BC

Who Cares BC is an initiative of the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC)

Our membership is made up of hunting and fishing guides and outfitters who live and work in B.C.’s forests and remote communities.

We have eyes and ears on the ground, so we see the direct impact of current management practices on forests and wildlife across B.C.

We believe in collaboration. We’re working with wildlife biologists, researchers, environmental advocacy groups, and Indigenous communities to advocate for the forests and wildlife of B.C.

Help keep B.C. beautiful, wild, and free.

Get Informed

Follow Who Cares BC to understand the
challenges and look at solutions.

Speak Up

Engage in discussions, attend community
meetings, and let your voice be heard. 


Support better practices that prioritize the
well-being of B.C.’s wildlife.

Everyone is welcome to join in and make a difference.

Let's keep the "Super, Natural" in B.C.
for generations to come.

Join the movement to keep our wildlife a priority in B.C. policy and decision-making.