Stories from British Columbians

Over the past five years, the Who Cares team has interviewed people across B.C. who work or live in B.C.’s forests. We talked to Indigenous leaders, scientists, policy makers, and residents. We wanted to know more about what they were seeing on the land, what they value out in the wilderness, and what we need to do better as a province. Here are the stories we collected. 

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Garry Merkel, Chair of the Old Growth Strategic Review Panel


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The science is clear – it's been clear for decades

Roy Rea, PhD, Senior Laboratory Instructor of Forestry at UNBC

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The importance of forest diversity for healthy habitats and wildlife populations.

James Steidle, Stop the Spray B.C.

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We have to we want wildlife?

Shaun Freeman, Senior Wildlife and Habitat Biologist, SDF Environmental

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The best way to move forward is to work together.

Krista Sittler, Wildlife Biologist

People on the Land

John Henderson: “We gotta work together to preserve wildlife into the future. Collectively, if we don’t do it, we’re all gonna suffer the consequences.”

Dylan Eyers: “…people want to be more connected to where their food comes from.”

Melissa Tautscher: “Every animal I harvest I’m so grateful for. I’m so thankful for the animal and the meat that it’s going to provide.”

Tammy Wood: “One of the best things about feeding my kids wild game is knowing where it came from.”

Fraser Macdonald: “Outfitters really are wildlife managers.”

Lawrence Michalchuk: “We have a responsibility to make things right.”

Chad Norman Day, the Tahltan People: “Since time immemorial, we’ve been stewards of the landbase.”

Krista Sittler: “The best way to move forward is to work together.” 

Interviews with Forest Experts

Garry Merkel: “We don’t own the land, the land owns us.”

Shaun Freeman: “We have to decide…do we want wildlife?”

Roy Rea: “The science is clear – it’s been clear for decades.”

George Abbott: “We spend more on fire suppression than we do on prevention.”

Craig A. McLean: “It’s hard to articulate the number of species that are benefited by these prescribed fires.”

Taryn Skalbania: “The province is not taking care of our forests.”
James Steidle: “The forest isn’t just a place to grow 2x4s.”

Al Gorley: “We have to keep the forests intact.”

B.C.'s wildlife is worth fighting for.

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