Craig A. McLean, BC Wildlife Biologist - Thompson Okanagan Region

It’s hard to articulate the number of species that are benefited by these prescribed fires.

Craig McLean is a Wildlife Biologist in the Thompson Okanagan Region of British Columbia.  BC born and raised, he has traveled, worked, and lived all over the province.  Over the past 20-plus years he has worked with a large variety of species from songbirds to Roosevelt elk.

Growing up in the interior of BC, his love of all things nature grew from a young age, and this love has only grown as Craig’s trips have expanded from the forest behind his house to the remote reaches and corners of the province.  As work and travel have expanded so have his perspectives of how fortunate we are to have such massive diversity in landscapes, ecosystems, fish, flora, and fauna in British Columbia.

Based in the Okanagan, Craig works mostly with Bighorn sheep and Mountain goats with much of his recent focus being around habitat security and enhancement and working through the various ongoing disease issues with Bighorn sheep.

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Craig McLean, BC Wildlife Biologist - Thompson Okanagan Region

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