Roy Rea, PhD, Senior Laboratory Instructor of Forestry at the University of Northern British Columbia

... we’ve seen a decline in moose populations by about 50-70% and when we ask biologists and managers what the reason for that is, the top reason that they cite is habitat degradation.

Roy holds a PhD in ecology and is a moose biologist and the Senior Laboratory Instructor of Forestry at the University of Northern British Columbia.  He grew up in the Vanderhoof area of BC, originally living way out in the woods, in a log cabin his family built without running water or electricity.  As a family, they hunted and fished, and lived very in tune with the natural world.  From these humble beginnings, Roy grew to love all aspects of nature.  Then, after studying biology in high school and college, he fell so in love with natural history and biology that he decided to make a career out of it.


When the opportunity came along to study moose and vegetation interactions, Roy gravitated towards it immediately, recalling the moose he’d so frequently seen around their property as a kid growing up – constantly in the garden eating his mom’s broccoli!  Moose and vegetation interactions formed the basis of his Master’s degree and he went on to complete a PhD in the interactions between moose the plants they eat.  Roy’s research interests are broad and include plant-animal interactions, moose-human interactions, mitigation of wildlife-vehicle collisions, considerations for critical habitat features in forest management and planning, and science education.

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