“Because of the hunters in BC caring about wildlife I will be able to continue passing on the love of wildlife to my grandchildren for many years to come.”

Meet Alli Flanders

I like the fact that I am sustaining my own food sources and enjoying a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

Alli grew up in Victoria, BC and, as a recent graduate of the University of Victoria, she chose to follow a career filled with numbers and data.  Now working as an accountant at a local firm in her hometown, she believes that recognizing economic development is the key to integrated living. Simply put, the blue-collar industry is as equally important as the white-collar corporate world.  The two must work symbiotically.  She’d like to see all demographics able to enjoy their hobbies and lifestyles without encroaching and disrupting it for others.

Alli took to hunting entirely on her own in early adulthood and truly believes it is important for all to appreciate the primal side of human existence through hunting, foraging, and fishing.  Her motto is, “Stay connected while enjoying the disconnection” as she maintains a balanced lifestyle incorporating both her corporate career and the enjoyment of life-long passions of various natural excursions.  Her goal is to join an outfitting team as a junior guide while earning the trust to assist with the corporate side of running a successful outfitting business.