“Living in British Columbia you don’t operate in a natural environment without having partnership with First Nations.”

"I’ve evolved as a hunter, into a hunter conservationist."

"I’ve evolved as a hunter, into a hunter conservationist."

Meet Darren DeLuca

When you spend a lot of time in town you start to question a little bit about conservation and about hunting.  You come back out here, and you see the wildlife...and it reassures you, we’re doing the right things.

Darren grew up in a logging family and has been a lifelong resident of Vancouver Island.  His earliest calling as a young man was to the freedom and adventure of hunting and guiding.  The pursuit has shaped who he is and how he sees the world; the people he has met, the places he has been, and the sights he has seen. Darren is proud to be an outfitter and share the ‘conservation conscience’ of a hunter with those around him.

“Hunting’s invisible hand of conservation preserves and protects wildlife, if, for no other reason, to re-experience times past with my kids and grandkids, knowing that the next generation will be better from the lessons they learn today.  Hunting and outfitting will survive for the simple reason that man and nature must be one for both to survive and thrive.”