"There's not too many careers out there where you can take your family with you."

Meet Esther McGhie

I just love being in the north, enjoying the mountains, working with horses, meeting lots of great people - and to be able to share that really makes your heart full.

Esther loves her family AND the outdoors.  Thankfully she doesn’t need to choose one passion over the other.  She started guiding when she was just 16 despite not being from a hunting family after her oldest brother introduced her to the pursuit.  

Now based in Smithers, Esther and her husband Kurt work alongside each other doing what they love most as hunting and outdoor tourism guides, sharing their passion of the outdoors with others in British Columbia and Australia.  Their son Trapper has yet to miss out on a trip into the mountains and new baby daughter Skye has been added to their team now too.  When it’s your passion it doesn’t feel like a job…how awesome is that?