"Hunting is the only adventure sport where I come home with food - food that I can share with my family and friends."

Meet Jenny Pedersen

Why would I hunt?  Why would I get my meat that way?  How could I do that?  Try it and you'll get so much out of it.

Jenny grew up in an urban setting but was lucky enough to be taken out into the woods and mountains by her parents on evenings and weekends.  This tradition has continued to this day, and her parents are still some of her best adventure buddies.

Jenny became a vegetarian at 15 years old, but while living in Auckland, New Zealand on a university exchange program, she was unable to avoid the delicious lamb they are so famous for.  This transitioned into a love for quality meat and the adventure that comes with attempting to harvest it.

Hunting season has also alleviated the wait for ski season.  Now one adventure can flow into another based on the season.  From fishing to mountain biking, hunting, foraging, and ski touring, there is no longer a wait for another adventure.  Sometimes they even converge, and she finds herself needing to combine her outdoor skills to incorporate snowmobiling and mountaineering into an adventure hunt.