WHO CARES?  Nadine & Jim Lancaster - Part of Something Bigger

"We employ a lot of local people."

"We have a real close relationship with Native bands close to the areas we hunt…and donate literally tens of thousands of pounds of meat…”

"We bring a lot of new money into our country and into the local area and that’s good for everyone."

Meet Nadine & Jim Lancaster

One of the misconceptions is that hunters are coming for a trophy. Our family is part of something that is so much bigger than us.

Jim Lancaster grew up on a cattle ranch as part of a guide outfitting family.  He has been running his own guide area in the Northwest Territories for almost 25 years, along with the area in British Columbia that he acquired 12 years ago.  He and his wife Nadine, along with their four children, enjoy the outdoor hunting and fishing lifestyle immensely.  Most of their off-season time is spent ocean fishing or hunting for themselves. They feel extremely lucky to be able to provide healthy, organic, wholesome, self-harvested wild game for their family and others.