“Every animal I harvest I’m so grateful for. I’m so thankful for the animal and the meat that it’s going to provide.”

"I love the work you have to put in...you’re not just going to the store to buy it."

Meet Melissa Tautscher

I just got my first 6-point elk this morning.  It’s about 300 pounds of meat and I’m really excited to bring it home and share it with my family and friends.

“Some days it is still hard to believe that I have become a huntress.  I had dreamt about this lifestyle for many years.  However, it wasn’t until I went through many personal changes, including the end of a long-term relationship, a move back to my hometown, and a career change, that I finally started doing things for me.  Although hunting was one of the first things I wanted to pursue, I felt intimidated stepping into “a man’s world.”  But I finally realized that I didn’t have anything to lose; rather, I had everything to gain…”