"Being part of an allied health profession, health and wellness and what I put in my body is very important to me."

"I’ve reached a new level of empowerment and independence that I didn’t really know that I could have."

Meet Teresa Strelau

Wild game is lean, it's high in protein, grass fed, organic - and being able to provide food for my family...it was a pride in myself that I had never known before.  This is how I want to eat, this is how I want to acquire my food.

Teresa is a kinesiologist practicing in Surrey, BC.  Her experience as a university soccer athlete helped to foster her passion for human movement and health.  She has a particular interest in nutrition, rehabilitation, and traumatic brain injury.  As a result, Teresa cares about the quality of food she puts in her body.  Watch as she shares about her choice to start hunting to acquire high quality protein.